Equestrian equipment transport solution for the USA and Canada

We were approached by a premier equestrian timing company, based in Germany to assist them with the transportation of their bespoke timing equipment to events along the East Coast of the USA and Canada. They were unhappy with their previous freight service and have been looking for something more “personal”.


Our brief was to spec a vehicle package that includes a trailer to carry their equipment (around 3000lbs) with a vehicle that could remain flexible enough to be used by the crew on site, removing the additional costs of spot rental vehicles but still being something that could take all their luggage and seat people in comfort.

With our experiences in the USA we have been able to recommend a suitable vehicle and trailer size to suit their needs which they have since procured, including the correct load restraint to ensure load security. We even supplied a driver with experience across the US and Canada to deliver their equipment safely.

The nature and location of the events throughout the year and the distances to be travelled present some logistical challenges. To ensure the safety and security of the equipment, we have used our network to identify potential locations, including our own warehouse in the Midwest, for secure parking and also servicing along the route to ensure continuity and reliability of the equipment.

The project is being rolled out this year on their East Coast operations and we are already planning a similar system to handle the West Coast operations in to 2018.

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